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Professor Chester Washington III (African American, 55) - A renowned scholar, his work has focused on improving race relations in America. He is one of a trio of heroes who will be forced to question his deepest convictions.

Sergeant Tim O’Connor (White, 30) - The second of the hero trio, this dutiful police officer follows in his racist father’s footsteps until his actions and their fallout leave him no choice but to question his worldview.

Chloe Washington (African American, 25) - The third of the hero trio, Chester Washington III’s daughter is a performance artist and cultural critic who films Chester and Tim when the president tasks them with taking the nation’s temperature during a “listening tour.”

U.S. President Michael Rivera (Latino, 50) - The first Latino president of the United States is an intelligent, clear communicator who is also shrewd when he needs to be.    


Vice President Charles LeBlanc (White, 60) - A loyal political partner to President Rivera and a deft and somewhat superficial politician.        

Susan Nakamura (Japanese American, 40) - The reluctant 911 caller, her action on behalf of an elderly white neighbor triggers the play’s events.    

Officer Chandra Jones (African American, 35) - A loyal friend and co-worker of Sergeant O’Connor who comes to his defense.

Chorus - Multiple roles for a diverse cast: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass.

Video excerpt features Christina Figueroa as President Michael Rivera, Ron Williams as Professor Chester Washington III, and Kevin Cirone as Sergeant Tim O'Connor.

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