Every day, we're astonished by the enthusiasm and generosity of people and organizations who contribute their talents, time, advice, equipment, rehearsal and performance space, food, connections, sweat equity, and financial support. 


Where to start?


For love, encouragement, advice, connections and indispensible sweat equity, we're deeply grateful to Mary Dean Taylor, Christianna Kavaloski, Cynthia Smith, Terry Vital & Unit One Recording Studio, Kat Baker, Donna Fioravanti, Ellen W. Griggs, Laura Mandia, Tharon Cottrell, Man Mai & INHOUSE Worldwide, Dougie Freeman, Marc Hamilton, Dede Ketover, Lyn Ketterer, Eric Kilburn & Wellspring Sound Recording Studio, Kevin Boissonnault, and of course, the Dominique family, the Giuffre family, Carol Hardy, and the Obsharsky family.

Critical and Cultural Competency Advisors and Reviewers include Jill Bottomley, Regina Caines, Roxanne Euben, Carmen Fields, Justin Gaskill, Lisa Gaskill, Kathy Jones, Anaezi Modu, Jonathan Perry, Mary Dean Taylor and Frank Wood.

Artists Trent Bagley, Joshua Bailey, Daniel Berger-Jones,, Amelia Broome, Bill Bruce, Daniel  Buckley, Shanae Burch, Jaime Carrillo, Tiffany Chen, Kevine Cirone, Tyla Collier, Miranda Craigwell, Patrick Curran, Brian De Lorenzo, Samantha Evans, Christian Figueroa, Nile Hawver, Maureen Keiller, Alexandria Danielle King, Liliane Klein, Steven Martin, Cailin Mackenzie, Briana Maia, Keith Mascoll, Ron Murphy, Erica Thomas, Eric Radford Weiss, Ron Williams, Holly Zagaria,  


Sponsors and Patrons Rachael Solom, owner of Harding House, Cambridge, MA; Jeanne Leszczynski & Diane DiCarlo, owners of Sage Inn, Provincetown, MA; Salt & Olive, Elaine Barris, Mary Conlon, Ellen Dominique, Greg and Lori Dutton, Ellen W. Griggs & Judith Erdmann, Daniel T. Wilson, and the anything but eponymous Anonymous. 


Indiegogo Supporters — angels, all.


Institutional support, we would like to thank the Puffin Foundation, the Bob Jolly Charitable Trust, Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, Emerson College, specifically Dean of the School of the Arts Rob Sabal, Tikesha Morgan and EBONI; Tufts University Department of Music; Northeastern University Department of Music; Berklee College of Music, specifically Brenda Bailey of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion.                                                                                   


Legal Counsel: George N. Tobia, Jr., Chairman, Entertainment and Media, Burns & Levinson, LLP

Workshop Performance
Bill Bordy Theater, Emerson College

A Pint of Understanding


Developmental Reading with New Music
Dislter Performance Hall

Tufts University


A Pint of Understanding


Developmental Table Reading

The Cabaret, Emerson College


Photos by Joe Wrinn